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We truly believe that the quality of products determines the quality of health, which is why at PLANT.O Nutrition we are driven by the desire to deliver the best possible herbal extracts in their purest form, without any carriers or grain fillers. We strive towards greatness and transparency in our process by offering you products that are made with real adaptogens.

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What makes our Lion's Mane special

Buy natural, sustainable and chemicalfree products manufactured in the USA

Containing only 100% real medicinal mushrooms (fruiting body and no mycelium, starch or grains) from handpicked picked mushrooms, extracted using hot water method to ensure maximum nutrient preservation.

Mushrooms contain a super-high concentration of two antioxidants, ergothioneine and glutathione, that work extra-hard to deliver real benefits such as:

  • Powerful Nootropic by supporting memory, focus, clarity, memory and overall cognition health
  • Brain Booster through stimulating nerve growth factor production, which supports brain health and anxiety relief
  • Immune System Booster through mushroom anti-inflammatory properties and oxidative stress protection.

Featuring Lions Mane, Reishi, Chaga, Shiitake and Maitake Mushroom, PLANT.O Nutrition mushroom supplement delivers a truly unique formula supporting clarity and focus factor, memory and immunity, with no undesired smart drugs after effects of sluggish feelings.


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