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RE:Motion Rehabilitation Robot Gloves


(no longer uses valves, fingers can be trained individually with a single button press)

The Soft Rehabilitation Robot Gloves are designed to provide effective rehabilitation for individuals recovering from stroke, postoperative recovery, hemiplegia, and poor finger mobility. Created by German experts in the field, these gloves combine advanced robotic technology with the latest research in neuroscience to offer a comprehensive solution for hand and finger rehabilitation.

  • Professional grade performance for Home and Hospital Recovery. FDA approved
  • Tested in clinics from Germany and improved using professional feedback.
  • Most Recommended by Rehabilitation Therapists.


  • Most Advanced Recovery Training Device. The RE:MOTION robot glove is the pinnacle of hand therapy equipment for patients with dysfunctions and stiffness. It offers PROFESSIONAL – GRADE PERFORMANCE based on ADVANCED ROBOTIC TECHNOLOGY combined with the latest research in neuroscience, for home and hospital recovery. It is FDA approved and has been extensively tested and improved based on professional feedback from clinics in Germany.
  • Mirror Mode with Individual Finger Training. While the MIRROR MODE of other Hand Rehabilitation Gloves allows only the fist movement, the MIRROR MODE of our RE:MOTION model allows each finger to individually be mirrored one at a time or all at the same time, while also having the option to customize the intensity of your training with 9 STRENGTH LEVELS and choose the Exercise Timing without turning off automatically. 
  • Faster & Efficient Results. Our Stroke Recovery Equipment features 5 OPTIMIZED THERAPY PROGRAMS instead of 3 standard ones offered by other sellers, and most important automatic SINGLE FINGER therapy program, eliminating the need for manual valve adjustments that other competitors are using. QUALITY PADDED NEOPRENE that feels comfortable like silk and FIRM SUPPORT for the wrist. 
  • User friendly Design. The hand exerciser robot glove features an LCD LIQUID CRYSTAL TOUCH design, providing a USER-FRIENDLY INTERFACE for easy program selection and customization. RECHARGEABLE WIRELESS device, LIGHTWEIGHT & SMALL HOST, ensuring freedom of movement during the rehabilitation training plan with BUILT-IN HIGH-CAPACITY LITHIUM BATTERY that can be used for days.
  • World-Class Customer Service. Endorsed by rehabilitation therapists, we take pride in offering outstanding support, including EASY-TO-UNDERSTAND INSTRUCTIONS AND DEDICATED CUSTOMER ASSISTANCE. Your purchase is covered by our 100% SATISFACTION WARRANTY, so you can trust we’ll make it right if you’re not happy.


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