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Top Benefits of Lion’s Mane Mushroom

Beyond its long history of being used as a food (it tastes similar to crab or lobster meat), lion’s mane mushroom is extracted and prepared for its numerous therapeutic qualities as an herbal medicine. It contains substances that are particularly important for the human body, such as:

⦁ zinc, iron, potassium;

⦁ phosphorus, sodium, germanium;

⦁ vitamin D, essential amino acids, niacin;

⦁ booty, riboflavin, polysaccharide and peptide.

Lion’s Mane also contains phytosterols, substances that have the ability to regulate blood cholesterol levels and plant compounds that attenuate carcinogenic effect. Moreover, it is among the few fungi indicated in diseases of the nervous system due to the content of Erinacin H, a compound that stimulates the growth and regeneration of nerve cells.

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What are the EFFECTS and BENEFITS that the Lion’s Eye brings to the human body?

Lion’s Mane is an edible mushroom and can be consumed in various forms, but a cure with this mushroom can be made either with the dust extracted from it, or with the miraculous capsules that contain all the necessary substances. Like Ganoderma, Maitake and Shiitake, this mushroom, Lion’s Mane is especially important in treating cancer.

Lion’s Mushroom brings various benefits to the human body, such as:

⦁ helps to regenerate myelin, relieves depression, giving a state of well-being physically and mentally;

⦁ can also be used to treat diseases of the digestive tract;

⦁ treats chronic gastritis, gastric and duodenal ulcer, being very indicated in esophageal cancer;

⦁ it has an effect not only antitumor, but is also an excellent anti-inflammatory;

⦁ is also an excellent neuroprotector, calming panic attacks and insomnia;

⦁ regulates blood cholesterol levels, improving blood circulation;

⦁ cancer patients noticed improvements after following a treatment with this mushroom;

Promotes Mental Clarity, Focus, and Memory

Numerous animal studies and several high-quality human studies support the traditional use of lion’s mane mushroom for improvement of memory, mental clarity, and focus.

In one small double-blind, placebo-controlled study of Japanese men and women aged 50 to 80 who had been diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment, participants showed marked improvement in cognitive function after taking lion’s mane during a 16-week period. The study also found that participants’ cognitive performance scores dropped back to pre-treatment levels within four weeks of discontinuing lion’s mane, indicating the need for ongoing use for optimal benefits.

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